LED lights are the future of headlights. They are cheaper and have more qualities than other lights. They have many advantages and their sales have increased in the past few years. The market for LED lights has experienced a boom as people are shifting from other types, for example, such as HID’s to LED’s. There are many reasons behind this shift and we are going to discuss them with you.

Reasons Why LED Light is Preferred?

There are many reasons why LED lights are preferred over other headlights. LED lights are brighter and can last longer. Few of the advantages are as follows.

1) They Use Less Fuel

LED lights are energy efficient so they consume less energy. You can save a lot of fuel as your car would not be using as much fuel as it was before. You will also be saving a lot of money by switching your current lights to LEDs as you will be saving fuel. You get better lighting in a cheaper and more energy efficient way.

2) Easier To Install

You don’t need a mechanic to install LED lights as they are pretty easy to install. LED lights come with easy to follow instructions. Installing LED lights will only take hour an hour. You will be saving a lot of money as mechanics tend to expensive.

3) They Can Work For Longer Periods of Time

LED lights don’t need to be replaced as quickly as other lights. LED lights tend to work for longer periods of time as most of them can work for 50,000 hours as compared to other headlights which work only for maximum of five years. LED lights are an investment which you won’t regret making.

4) Safer To Use

LED lights have piercing lights which helps you in being able to see heavy dust or through fog. LED lights are safer as they use modern technology as compared to older lights.

5) LED Lights are brighter

A lot of development has taken place in the LED market. They have improved and taken care of all the flaws. LED headlight is the obvious choice when you should choose your headlights as LED lights are brighter than all the other older headlights. Some of the older ones had yellow lights and some of them couldn’t focus, LED takes the same amount of energy as halogen headlights but gives a brighter and sharper light.

The Brightest Headlights that You Should Buy:

1) Brightest H3 LED headlight replacement bulb 12v 4000lm

This bulb is one of the brightest LED bulbs and it consumes very little energy. You can save a lot of money as your fuel won’t be wasted. It has 6063 integrated fast heat dissipation and better beam-focusing.

2) H4 LED light bulb with 50W 6800 lumen and 100w, 13600 lumen Cree chips

These headlights have Cree chips and a voltage input of 11-30 V DC. It is waterproof and won’t break easily. It has a 2.5mm ultra-thin focus design. It has the newest technology that doesn’t let the bulb get overheated.

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