When one considers how long does LED headlights last, it may come as a surprise to some consumers. This is largely due to the fact that many consumers simply do not give much thought to how long their car’s headlights will last beyond their purchase and use. While in some cases the purchase of an OEM headlamp may seem like the only option when it comes to cutting costs, there are definitely other ways that consumers can save money when it comes to their auto headlamps. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those other options so you can make a decision about how long your OEM headlights will last.

One way to lengthen the lifespan of your LED bulbs is by avoiding any possible breakage during driving. Your vehicle was designed with a certain amount of bulb life in mind. The designers put so much time and effort into the original design of the vehicle that they were able to include various safety features in the headlights as well. For example, the daytime running light is one of the most crucial features on the front of the vehicle. Without this feature, many serious accidents could occur because the driver would be unable to spot the approaching vehicle from behind.

Because the daytime running light is so vital to safely driving, it is highly unlikely that it will be replaced through any means other than replacing the actual headlights. Of course, this also means that any replacement of the bulbs should be done in order to ensure that the headlights are still functioning properly. The LED bulb is one of the most resilient bulbs in use today and is also very difficult to break.

Another benefit to ensuring that the LED headlamp lasts as long as possible is to avoid using them in extreme temperatures. As cars and trucks drive in such extreme temperatures on a regular basis, the heat built up in the headlights can quickly damage the internal workings of the unit. Even the tiniest distortion or crack in the housing can prevent the lamps from providing their intended light for the driver while in these conditions. Luckily, the average LED headlights should last up to 20000 hours before they must be replaced. This is far longer than the life span of any lead bulbs, which tends to fail much more quickly in extreme driving conditions. Replacing the bulbs will also ensure that you are driving with the most reliable illumination possible.

Some individuals wonder how long does LED headlights last when comparing the time it takes for the bulb to dim. While dimmer settings may be available on some units, it is best to avoid them altogether in order to keep the lamps working properly. Many people mistakenly believe that by operating the headlights at full brightness for longer periods of time, they will extend the life span of the headlamps. Although it is true that the brightness of a headlamp directly affects how long it lasts, it is not the sole determining factor.

The number one factor contributing to the answer to the question of how long does LED headlights last is the overall quality of the unit. If the bulbs are of high quality and are installed in vehicles that have consistent maintenance, they will serve for many years to come. It is also important to note that most modern headlamps offer sealed beam controls which feature low-focusing mechanisms that ensure no light is lost in the process of focusing the beam. The result is an effective system that allows drivers to enjoy the bright, clear light without the risk of losing them during a high-speed chase.