If you are going to purchase a car or a motorcycle, the question that may cross your mind is whether LED headlamps are better than Xenon. Well, this is an interesting debate, because both have their own pros and cons. Both have their own advantages. They are even available in different color combination too. So lets take a look at each of them so that you can make an informed decision.

The first thing that you should know is that they are both made from the same semiconductor which is a kind of semiconductor called HID. The reason behind the commonity of these two materials is that they are both efficient in producing light, but they have some significant differences. The efficiency of HID and of halogen lights is determined by their color conversion properties. Both the HID and the halogen bulbs use a pigment which gives off light of one color when stimulated with an electrical current, while the light given out by the LED is of a different color.

The other thing that you need to know is the intensity of the light that is emitted by the headlamps. Xenon consists of a molecule of gas, whereas HID consists of a molecule of hydrogen. Hence, it is believed that Xenon is more efficient in producing light than HID. On the other hand, LED has higher intensity as compared to Xenon headlamp which results in brighter illumination for your car’s interior.

Another major difference between the two is that HID uses a filament whereas LED uses crystals. And this feature makes the HID bulbs slightly brighter than the LED lights. This is why most of the car manufacturers are opting for the HID bulbs over the LED lights for the sake of their customer satisfaction. But many car owners prefer the LED headlamps because they are said to be stronger than the halogen bulbs and therefore do not require replacement very often.

Both HID and LED headlight bulbs use the same xenon gas in them. However, the amount of xenon used in these lights is slightly lesser than the HID bulbs which results in the overall illumination of the car being lower than the Xenon light bulbs. This may not sound significant, but the difference in brightness after driving for several miles without switching on the headlights can be up to ten times more than what you would get from a halogen light bulb.

These facts about the two types of headlight are important for you to choose the right headlight for your car. LED is definitely better than the halogen lights but that does not mean that the LED headlight is better than the other types of headlamps available in the market today. You can use all types of headlamps for your car but it would be advisable to go for an LED headlight if your car has high chances of being driven at night due to its bright headlights. Halogen lights can work brilliantly during the day but they will become useless in the dark.