Led headlights are considered to be better as they have brighter and sharper light as compared to their counterparts. The market for led headlights is seeing a recent boom because of the many qualities it has. Led headlights are cheaper to buy and they last for more than two decades. They are made from newer technology and are superior as compared with halogen headlights. Halogen headlights output only 1000 lumens as compared to led headlights which have an output of 3000 lumens.

How to install your LED headlight:

There are a few steps that you will have to follow while installing headlights. Mostly any kit you buy will have their own instruction pamphlets with them so don’t worry.

1) Find Your Vehicle’s Bulb Type

Every vehicle has different types of bulbs that it uses and you will have to find out the type of the bulb your car or jeep uses. You can search about it online or you could contact the manufacturer. There are two types of bulbs typically, dual beam bulb and single beam bulb.

2) Buying a Conversion Kit

The next is pretty easy as you are supposed to buy a led conversion kit. These kits are available online and can also be bought at an auto shop. I had bought my conversion kit from headlightsz.com.

3) Check Your Kit

You should check and see if your kit has all the required items. Your kit should contain two bulbs, wiring and two ballasts.

4) Remove Previous Bulbs

The next thing you will have to do is turn off your car and pick up your cars bonnet. You will then have to locate the bulbs and wiring and remove them by unplugging the wiring connector from the halogen or HID lights.

5) Remove the Lights

Next after unplugging the wiring connector you will have to twist your headlights anti-clockwise and remove them. The bulbs that you uninstalled should be packed away carefully, so that if you do need them in the future you won’t have to buy new ones.

6) Installing Your Led Lights

The next step is pretty obvious as you will be required to install your new bulbs in the place. You will have to twist them in clockwise direction and install them into place. Be careful while handling the led bulbs so that you do not touch the led. You will then connect the wiring as one of the ballast wiring will be go into led bulb while second will go into the harness. You should also carefully secure the ballast wiring with the help of tape. You can secure them on the top of headlight housing.

7) Switch on the Car and Check the Position

Next, you will have to check if your headlights are in the correct position. Your lights should be able to reflect on the road and not disturb other drivers. Information regarding this can be seen on the pamphlet of your new kit.

8) Take Your Car for a Drive

You can then take your car for a drive and enjoy your new lights. You will notice the difference in your visibility by yourself.

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