When it comes to headlamps most people choose HID to provide sufficient light for their bikes and daily driving requirements. The battle between LED vs HID continues to rage. One side claims superiority while the other side points out all of the safety issues that come along with HID headlamps. Which do you believe? Which side will win when the battle is over?

The answer really depends on which side you are on – your mind, your wallet and your safety. HID or LED high beam pattern is the biggest debate. If you are looking to save money then you may want to go with the halogen bulbs because they last longer than the original halogen bulbs. This means the light will stay on for a longer period of time and will cost you less in the long run. You can install either the halogen or the HID on your own but if you are not comfortable with doing so on your own then you may want to enlist the help of your local mechanic or opt to buy a ready to use HID kit from your auto parts store.

If you are looking for the most efficient means of lighting your ride then the halogen bulbs are your best option. With an IPX4 standard it is able to function in any wet or dry environment so it makes sense to purchase this type of HID. In fact, an IPX4 offers the most efficient cooling ability available so that your whole aviation aluminum body fitting is able to keep cool during prolonged periods of flight. Your whole aviation aluminum body fitting will also increase the ambient brightness of the light, so when driving at night you will see even more illumination from the headlights.

The halogen headlights on the other hand are a little more efficient than the IPX4 but they do not offer the same cooling ability. They work well in a dry environment, since they are able to release water vapor in the air to reduce condensation. The only issue with these bulbs is that they tend to get warmer when the light is turned on compared to the light being cooled by the evaporating water in the headlights. When the headlight is turned on nearly all of the heating is lost and this causes a bright hot beam pattern.

So, which one is better overall when comparing the two types? In general the LED is more efficient, offers superior beam pattern control and does not have the heat issues associated with the halogen light bulb. The only real concern with the LED light bulb is that they are more expensive than the halogen ones but they last longer and produce light that is cleaner and brighter for longer periods of time. For anyone considering purchasing either of these bulbs they should keep in mind that they are interchangeable making them more affordable in the long run.

In the end it really comes down to the rider and how much he or she desires the vehicle to look. Those who are more concerned with style will probably favor the halogen lights while those who are more concerned with performance will favor the LEDs. Both have great performance and can be used for just about any situation. So which one should you go with headlight vs halogen? Only you can determine.