Headlights are necessary component for your vehicle, so select good headlights with high brightness and fast starting reaction is very important to offer enough lighting for your vision and making sure your driving safety. Of course, if you have chosen LED headlights for your vehicle, then you should learn how to install them. Below are 5 easy steps to install the LED headlights for your vehicle.

  1. You should open the dust proof cover.

installation LED headlight step 1

  1. Press down the button and take outthe car halogen headlights.

installation LED headlight step 2

  1. Installthe LED headlight bracket ( base ) for LED headlight

installation LED headlight step 3

  1. Install the LED headlight on its bracket

installation LED headlight step 4

  1. Connect the LED headlightwith power supply.

installation LED headlight step 1

I hope this article can help you a lot for your installation of LED headlights. If you still haven’t questions in installation of LED headlight, please feel free to contact headlight@lvt-lighting.com at any time.